Working hours and pricing

Working hours and pricing

Riding school Geronimo working days are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday by prior notice. A riding class (45 minutes) costs 100 kn, and there are two ways of performing it. For those who are unsure about how much they really want to ride or for those who want to talk someone into starting with a "gift riding school", we have a school lasting 5+1 classes - 500 kn and it needs to be done at a pace of at least 1 class weekly. Certified statement about taking responsibility gives you that free +1 riding class. For those more serious, we have a 2x14 classes, plus the class you get for the statement.

The rule that applies for that school only is - if you manage to ride twice weekly during the first 15 classes, you get two classes as a gift, if you don't come at least once weekly, it's your own fault... or bad luck. :) therefore, a learning curve will be quite longer. Furthermore, you get a free riding class if you lose 5 kg, after you stood on the scale in fornt of me only in your underwear (joking about the underwear... :) ), if you quit smoking or bring a new member to the club. There are no free classes approved for leading grannies across the street yet. Oh yes, I almost forgot, you get a free class for every day you spend at the hospital because of the fall off a horse. But, to break your illusions, that hasn't happened for 6 years. Discounts... For riding both days in the weekend, you get a 50 kn discount.

For purchasing 10 classes in advance, you get 10% off, and if you have a bunch of kids and they all ride at the same time, you get a 10% discount for every next child, and that means that your tenth childrides for free. :) If you come to geronimo and there's no riding due to my mistake, you get a free riding class. But if you miss a class or cancel it less then 24 hours earlier, then you pay one class on behalf of being late, and negligent towards your favorite (hopefully only) riding instructor.

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