When are free riding hours approved?

When are free riding hours approved?

My dear fellow riders, as you probably all know, there are some cases when riding hours don't get charged, or you get awarded some riding hours free. So here aresome conditions that explain how it's decided.

1. If you fall from a horse, while wearing the long chaps, you won't be charged for a riding hour.

2. If you bring a new member, to riding school or to trail riding, after he rides the first 10 hours, you are granted one free hour of riding.

3. If you fall from a horse and end up at trauma in Draškovićeva, every night spent in the hospital gives you a bonus hour of riding.

and finally ... (under the motto "if you change yourself you have changed the whole world) an hour of riding will be awarded to anyone who ...

4. Permanently quits smoking. With a bit of our observations, we'll trust your word and after 30 days of no smoking you get 1 hour of free riding.

5. Loses weight, every 5 kilos brings you a 1 free hour of riding. Interested parties must stand on the scale in front of me, no shoes, and you can leave your pants and shirt on. It applies only for wights that equals height in centimeters minus 110.

Unfortunately, there is no free riding hours fund for (ex) drunks and whores, neither is one for those who help a granny cross a street that day... (but we are open to constructive suggestions)

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