What are other benefits you get from horseback riding?

What are other benefits you get from horseback riding?

While learning people riding I've noticed some additional changes in riders.

Release of stress.

Horseback riding provides pleasure if you love horses, riding might meet your childhood fantasies, but riding is much more than that. If you have a job full of stress, friendship with a horse in nature itself is relaxing. In addition, there is a theory that the horse as a 500 kg heavy fur "plush toy" takes on all the negative static charge, which reportedly occurs in people under stress. This is one reason why therapeutic riding is so useful.

Psychological maturation.

Particularly for young women and girls, successfully learning to ride can be useful for the proper formation of the psyche and attitude towards the problems in life. A horse's psyche is hierarchically sorted, similar to primitive people. The horse will try to impose his will to the rider. Rider must learn how to prevent it. Only after the horse deserves it with their good behavior it's ok to generously reward it. The rider must fight for it's position during every riding. Similar to life. Even one mom of a little girl brought a book that tells about it.

Control over yourself while adrenaline is high.

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