Trail horses - horse breeds

Trail horses - horse breeds

For those who don't know, horses today are split into

  • cold-blooded - horses for ploughing, today for food
  • warm-blooded - sport horses, for example for show jumping etc.
  • hot-blooded - today racehorses.

There are only three hot-blooded horse breeds in the world, and those are Akhal-teke, Arabs and English thoroughbreds. At Geronimo, all horses are hot-blooded, except two mares who are highly half-blooded.

  • Darling, from dad who was english thoroughbred and warm-blooded mother
  • Luna, from arab Joli and mom Darling
  • Tama, from mom english thoroughbred and dad arab Joli
  • Tuga, from mom english thoroughbred and dad arab Joli
  • Goldy, from angloarab mare Aleta and akhal-teke father Murgab
  • Rusija, akhal-teke
  • Anan, arab
  • Joli, arab
  • Galina, akhal-teke
  • Heidi, 75% akhal-teke, 25% angloarab
  • Srna, 75% akhal-teke, 25% angloarab.

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