Injuries to the horses that riding can cause

Injuries to the horses that riding can cause

Some riders, probably most of them in Croatia, believe that riding in the forest, outside of marked trails is dangerous for their horses and themselves. If they keep their horses in the barn during even one part of the year, they are probably right.We've been ridingin the forestsfor years now, with beginners and there hasn't been a single permanent injury.

Tari once protested because he had to go into a muddy stream for the fourth time and he threw himself on the ground with me on him and scratched his hind leg. And that's all after hundreds of riding classes in the woods. To be completely honest, there has been one horse death, euthanasia to be exact, and it was the already mentioned Tari.but it had nothing to do with riding, but with a way of keeping horses. A rabid fox wandered in and bit the horse. As I didn't know there was an obligatory vaccination against rabies, it came as an expensive school for us. It was one of the two fiercest horses in the club under the saddle. Otherwise, it was a baby, as most of the Croatian Arabs are. Now we vaccinate our horses every year.

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