Is horseback riding an adventurous sport

Is horseback riding an adventurous sport

Horseback riding raises the adrenaline. In the beginning...

By the way, this photo isn't taken from a tree. It's the steepest slope I've ever descended on a horse. It was so steep we had to dismount our horses. And the path was made of smooth stone plates covered in leaves... uuu spooky... :) But, back to topic. Of course you are scared when you mount a horse for the first time and it starts trotting. You are expected to control yourself and your body, to be in sync with horse's movement and to force a living and breathing half ton being to obey. A horse is not a scooter. It's more like today's Toyotas, it accelerates, brakes and turns on it's own and for no apparent reason.

And it won't stop for anything. Nevertheless, a horse does that only to certain people, just the ones who show lack of determination. Horseback riding is a great way for you to get rid of your fears you have no reason for. If you manage to get rid of fear of riding, you'll overcome your other fears in life.If youshove one fear under the rug, the others will come out memontarily. Fears and concerns are very common in people. Fears keep us from progressing in life and from living to our full potential. horseback riding is especially useful for the female population.

It's because bullying in kindergartens and schools is more expressed between boys then girls. It's very useful for girls to show themselves they can control and manage a 500 kg horse and it's ideas for developing the attitude to tense situations in everyday life. If a girl learns she can control a 500 kg animal, that she can make it cross a stream or puddle against it's will, then she'll develop an attitude to learn to cope with a 90 kg boyfriend or boss.

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