Individual approach Geronimo riding school provides to it's riders

Individual approach Geronimo riding school provides to it's riders

An individual approach to every rider at Geronimo enables learning to trot in the record time.

A beginner rider is in a very stressful situation during the first trotting lessons. The rider is required to master all parts of his/her body, to move in an unfamiliar way and, to top it off, to follow the rythm. Instructor's active engagement is essential.

Every person has it's own (usually wrong) posture while riding in walk, trot or gallop. This happens because the natural position for the human body in times of stress is a fetal position. In the fetal position the fingers are lowered and heels raised and the back is bent forward, the opposite of what is required in riding. Posture makes the sum of the positions of all body parts. So if you bring in line positions in all parts of the body, we’ll bring the rider in the proper position. Furthermore, a combination of exercises "on ground" and "on horseback" and actively looking at the correct position of a (desirable) pal with whom you are trying to learn to trot, is what helps the new rider build "guides" in his mind which will help him figure out the right moves. These guides are veeery quickly formed and the man can very fast adopt the good and bad body movements in trot.Once you adopt them, it’s very difficult to change the wrong movements and replace them with the good ones.

In order to properly learn everything mentioned above, you need all the help you can get. A calm horse, a good saddle and a good instructor who knows what he’s doing and it’s not “difficult” for him to do it. And only a ratio of one instructor to one student (the others, but not more than 4 of them can and must actively observe from the side) is the ideal to work with, when every student gets two occasions 15 minutes long to master all parts of your body simultaneously.

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